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Keys this FOC!!!

Skybound X #1

-1st appearance of Clementine, a character originally introduced in Teltale's The Walking Dead video game

-Anthology of stories including RickGrimes 2000, the contunation of a story from the walking dead #75

-Five issue series

-Has ratio variant options under Mr Bundles

United States of Captain America, The #1

-1st appearance of Aaron Fischer, a young gay man sworn to protect other homeless teens and runaways.

-Has ratio variant options under Mr Bundles

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #11

-1st appearance of Durge in Star Wars canon, prviously appeared in Star Wars: Republic #51.

Black Cat Annual #1

- Infinite Destinies part three

- 1st full team appearance of Tiger Division: Luna Snow, White Fox, Taegukgi, and otheres.

-Has ratio variant options under Mr Bundles

Star Wars the High Republic#6

-Jedis Verse Hutt

-Has ratio variant options under Mr Bundles

 Shang-Chi #2

-1st appearance LADY IRON FAN, A NEW VILLIAN


 *Has a 1:50 option under Mr. Bundles


*Owen the Barbarian has beencursed to do good with what remains of his in life, forced to wander the realm with his battle-axe, helping others.

*Has a 1:15, 1:30, and 1:50 option under Mr. Bundles



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