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(DC)Black Manta#2

-1st appearance of Devil Ray


(DC) Catwoman Lonely City#1

-1st mention of Oprheus

- 1st team appearance of Batcops

- A decade after the massacre know as Fool's night that took the lives of Batman, Joker, Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon .Selina Kyle investigates the secrets of the Batcave to discover the identity of Orpheus

- four issue limited series in Prestige Plus format.


(Marvel) X men  #4

 -1st appearance of Headless Horseman Character in a Halloween-Themed story

(After Shock) DARK DARK #1 


-Tales from the Crypt meets The Twilight Zone-four tales of horror, lost souls and things that go bump in the night.
A prestige format "One-Shock" featuring top creative talent just in time for the most horrific month of the calendar year, AFTER DARK is a collection of tales you'll want to read with the lights on! A disparate tale from a possible future; a chance encounter with a mythical Black-Eyed Kid, a children's fable gone awry; and a gut-wrenching last meal at the local diner.
These horrific, bone-chilling tales are conceived and written by Cullen Bunn (DARK ARK, EDEN, Harrow County), Jim Starlin (Thanos, Dreadstar, SHOCK), Joe Pruett (BLACK-EYED KIDS, Cable, X-Men Unlimited), Fran Tieri (Wolverine, Harley Quinn, PESTILENCE) and drawn by Cliff Richards (10 YEARS TO DEATH, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Nikkol Kelenic, Szymon Kudranski (BLACK-EYED KIDS, Spawn) and Joe Eisma (Mor
ning Glories, SHOCK).


-1st appearance of Lightbringer



-1st appearance of Mayor Emerson Mayfield


Arkham City: The Order of the World#1

 - 1st appearance of Jocasta Joy

-1st team appearaance of Arkhamites, a group of escaped patients from Arkham Asylum


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