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Batman #119 has bundles

Conclusion of the two-issue Abyss story arc
Debut of a benefactor of Batman Inc., unknown if character is established or new

Black Manta #5

Origin of Devil Ray

Detective Comics #1047has bundles

Beginning of 12-part 'The Tower' story arc
Beginning of 12-part back-up story, 'House of Gotham' which sounds as if it will be narrated by a young Bruce Wayne

Detective Comics #1048has bundles

1st appearance of Dr. Frow

Future State Gotham #9

1st cover appearance and origin of the Next Joker
Conclusion of the Next joker story

Justice League Incarnate #3has bundles

1st full appearance of the Nimrod Squad, the Earth 41 version of Image's Youngblood
1st full appearance of Spore, the Earth 41 version of Image's Spawn
Earth 41 characters cameo could be found in Multiversity #1 and #2

Justice League v Legion of Super-Heroes #1

1st team appearance of the 'new' Gold Lanterns
Six-issue limited series


Nocterra Special #1 

Origin of Blacktop Bill, one of Nocterra's most terrifying creatures

Monkey Meat #1 

The Monkey Meat company used profits from their processed food sales to turn their native island into a magical hyper-capitalist hellscape where even demons have to pay rent


Fourth Man #1

Inspired by a true story about dueling car dealerships that left three men murdered


Transformers: Best of Optimus Prime #1

Reprinted stories featuring Optimus Prime including:
The Transformers #24 (1987)
The Transformers #23 (2011)
Transformers: Autocracy #9 (2013)
Optimus Prime #25 (2018)
Transformers #6 (2019)
Orion Pax: Free Fall (2012)


Daredevil Woman w/o Fear #1has bundles

Three-issue limited series featuring Elektra's continuation in the role of Daredevil

Devil's Reign Superior Four #1

1st team appearance of the Superior Four, alternate universe versions of Doctor Octopus including a Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider version

Ms Marvel Beyond the Limit #2

Possible 1st full appearance of Qarin, the true identity of the shapeshifting Ms. Marvel doppleganger

She-Hulk #1has bundles

Premiere issue of a solo series that returns She-Hulk to her roots

Star Wars High Republic Eye of the Storm #1has bundles

Origin of Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Nihil

Thor #21has bundles

Origin of the God of Hammers

Wastelanders Black Widow #1

1st appearance of Old Woman Black Widow
1st appearance of the Lizard King, likely Dr. Curt Connors, lord of the southern domain of the post-apocalyptic U.S., specifically Florida, who was previously mentioned but unseen in this reality
Written by Steven DeKnight (writer, Daredevil and Spartacus TV series)

X-Deaths of Wolverine #1has bundles

Five-issue limited series released every other week in between issues of X Lives of Wolverine


Atomic Comics Signing Event!

We will be at Atomic Comics for their grand opening, Wednesday 11/24, facilitating autographs for CGC signature series 4-6pm.  

Confirmed artists so far: 

Marat Mychaels

Jim Hanna 

(watch for updates)  


Atomic is located in San Tan Marketplace, near the Harkins theater.

2270 E Williams Field Dr, suite 108 

Gilbert AZ 85295

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We are Arizona's CGC dealers!

1 modern comic for $32

1 pre-1975 comic for $40

1 modern Magazine for $45

1 pre-1975 Magazine for $55


24 modern books for $720 ($30 a book)

24 Pre-1975 books for $912 ( $38 a book)



If you need us to answer questions you may have about your books please set up an appointment. If you're doing a simple drop off that is fine we can get you in and out.

We will also quick press in house. If you want a clean and press CCS does an amazing job. We can offer that service as well.

Get signed up to the site for 25% off and $0.10 bags and boards!

Website goes live Fridays at noon and you can order Sundays to 7pm. Website goes up on Thursday for us to prep. We will not accept responsibility for mistakes in pull boxes if you pull on Thursdays.

We give 10% off new releases and $.10 bags and boards if you pre-pay for your new releases by Mondays at 7pm. After that we take away the discount, but we give the bag and board away for free.  Just get signed up for our site and you will see every product Diamond and Lunar have to offer! 

We do ship to the lower 48 states. 30 books shipped for $18. Just checkout your cart to pickup at brandonscomics tempe

Jennifer and I are also CGC facilitators. When comic cons open back up we can get anything autographed for you. Marat Mychaels is in our store the last Sunday of every month to do autographs where I have a CGC witness in the store. So If you or your favorite artists wants to come in and sketch in front of us we can send those books to CGC and get a Yellow label with your name on it! Cost is $55 a submission. This is a great way to sell your art, local artists...