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We have signed up a lot of new people from around the country. We do ship to the lower 48 states. 30 books shipped for $18. Just checkout your cart to pickup at brandonscomics tempe. We bag and board everything. Pull the bundle deals. It's a steal. What other store does this? Get your bundles!!!

I'm starting a new discount program for new customers where they only get 5% off of new releases. I'm going to give people till 2/15/21 to get signed up to the site. Your discount will obviously not change, but if you know someone into comics tell them to get signed up for the site NOW. By May I won't be giving discounts to just anyone. Thank you for your support!

CGC is excited to announce 7 new labels to kick-off 2021! We have introduced a new Miles Morales, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Thor, Hobgoblin/Spider-Man, a Skottie Young Dr. Doom as well as a killer Knull label. Collectors will also notice that many of the 2020 labels are still available. Grab yours today! I have noticed that people will always buy a new label on new stuff before they will buy just a plain label.

Pre-1974 is $37 a book.

Modern is $35 a book

1 modern CGC book for $28

1 pre-1974 book for $30


20 modern books for $530 ($26.50 a book)

20 Pre-1975 books for $630 ( $31.50 a book)

You can mix and match for this deal, but it must be an invoice of at least 20 books!




We will also press 

10 books for $90 turn around time 3-4 days

20 books for $175 turn around time 6-8 days

50 books for $375 turn around time 13-15 days

Website is up and going!

This site is going to be designed to make sure that our customers don't miss any new releases.  With everything that is going on we believe that the future of comics should be as easy as ordering them straight for your phone. You can't just sign up for this option on your own. You need to reach out to Brandon or Jen to get signed up and prepare to see every single product diamond puts out. Click on the new releases tab for more information.

I believe that my store is unlike any store. We give 15% off new releases of you prepay two days before they come out. Just get signed up for our site and you will see every product diamond has to offer! 

We are a wholesale BCW dealer. We are the home of the $13 bags and boards and we offer wholesale deals to the public. Check out our BCW tab for more information.

Jennifer and I are also CGC facilitators. The difference between a dealer and a facilitator is on top of being able to send your books into being graded I can go to Comic Cons and get all your books autographed for you. If they stay in my possession for $10 a month I can hold your books in between Comic Cons so you can get up to 30 signatures on one book! Click on the CGC tab for more information and pricing. 


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We are open daily:

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