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How to Order New Releases at Brandon's Comics

Welcome to ordering new releases at Brandon's Comics. We're thrilled to have you on board and excited to provide you with an exceptional comic book shopping experience. We would like to take a moment to outline the procedures of our pull box system to enhance your ordering process:


1. Order Placement Schedule:

  • The website is completely updated each Friday at 10 am, Arizona time, including all Final Order Cutoff (FOC) items for the current week.

  • Online ordering is available until 7 pm every Sunday, Arizona time, except for Marvel titles, which are available until 5 pm on Mondays.


2. Order Processing Timeline:

  • Comics selected during the weekend are available for collection or shipment within 3-5 weeks, based on publishers’ FOC schedule.

  • This ensures a chance to see every cover, especially those unveiled in the final days before the ordering deadline, enhancing their desirability and market value.


3. Invoice and Payment Options:

  • Approximately one week before your comics' release, you will receive an invoice.

  • Enjoy a 20% discount when paying through the emailed Square invoice system, or a 22.5% discount for transactions processed through friends and family PayPal.

  • Invoices are due on Mondays, two days before the comics' release, to receive maximum discounts. A 15% discount is applicable for non-prepayment, but books will be reserved for only two weeks.

  • Note that new release comics may not be picked up or shipped before their scheduled release dates (Wednesdays)

  • If pull boxes aren’t picked up after 30 days, the discount will be reduced to 5%.


4. Communication and Box Retention:

  • Your box will only be released if attempts to contact you are unsuccessful.

  • Open communication is encouraged, especially in case of difficulties meeting payment obligations.


5. Guidelines for New Customers:

  • For new customers placing orders exceeding $200, a 20% down deposit is required until a stable relationship is established.

  • Alternatively, a deposit can be made directly at the physical store. Credit card details are not stored in the system for security reasons.


For assistance during the ordering process, Brandon, Jennifer, or Shak are available to help guide you through any steps or answer any questions you may have.


Your cooperation with these guidelines ensures a positive ordering experience for both parties involved. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Brandon's Comics.


Thank you for choosing Brandon's Comics. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you and provide access to the latest and finest offerings in the world of comics.


Best Regards,


Brandon's Comics

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