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How to Order New Releases at Brandon's Comics


You can start pulling comics every Friday at 10am for this weeks FOC! Then the website shuts off Sundays 7pm Arizona time so we can put the orders in.


         This is how our website pull box system works. If you are ordering comics this weekend they will be out in roughly 3-5 weeks. You are ordering off of FOC (final order cutoff) this is the last opportunity that retailers have to order comics. I order this way so I can see every single cover. I feel like the best covers are put up at the last minute and that's why they go for so much on ebay, due to the supply. Image and Boom are famous at putting all their covers up at the last minute. Remember to refresh the page to see more comics!

               A week before your comics come out we will invoice you and give you an opportunity to get either 20% off paying through our Square POS system or 22.5% off friends and family paypal. These invoices are due Mondays, 2 days before the comics release.  If you don’t prepay before your comics come out we will still give you 15% off, but we will only hold those books for two weeks.


              We will only dump your box if we can’t get ahold of you. We understand that life happens. Just keep in contact with us if you can’t pay your pull, especially if you are new to us. If you’re a new customer and are putting in orders of over $200 we will require a 20% down deposit on orders until we have established a relationship or you can just leave a deposit at the store. I don’t want anything to do with storing other peoples credit cards in my system. But, I also can’t give a bunch of people I have never met the keys to the castle.

Benefits of our store and the utilization of our CGC services

               I’m pretty good at picking out 9.8s. On new releases, if I pick them out, Jen presses them, we have about 96% chance of getting 9.8s. I’ll show you the data. On Pooh books we have a 38% chance of getting 9.9s or better. We will press new releases and Pooh books for $5 each.  Take advantage of this. This is a great opportunity especially with the Mr. Bundles page. We do offer bulk discounts on CGC services. Check out the CGC and Mr. Bundles part of the website!


+ Comics Shipping – We can ship 1-8 normal sized comics for $8 or we can fedex 35 for $20,


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