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First 10 people to pull this gets one of the new Brandon's Comics Bitcoin inspired T-shirts!


This is a great way to save some money in 2024! People were upset I didn't do this in 2023. So I had some time to think, and wanted to make sure I could do this cooler! So if you purchase the VIP gift of the month club it will also include 25% off of new releases on the wall and 20% off of ratio variant every week. I will also give the VIPs a text message out every week of what ratios we get in and they will get first crack at them. I am ordering more books for the walls because we are getting to the busy season and I want to get more people to the website.


I will be giving the VIPS a $75 gift card in December and they will also recieve 30% off their pull box AND 10% off of consignment all month long of December! Just like last time we will be offering payment plans. $50 every two weeks for 9 easy to make payments.


If you don't use or like the supplies you can change out any supply for an equal or lesser value. If you want something more expensive you are more than welcome to pay the difference.

VIP Gift of the Month Club 2024

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