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There is power in words. Unimaginable power. The power of life and death. So be careful what you say lest you speak nightmares into existence.Castiel, a high schooler with a side gig as a loan shark, yearns for the simple life his mom had envisioned for him. But when Castiel is killed and then resurrected by a mysterious force, his world is turned upside down. Captured by a group called the Revokers, his life is spared but with one catch…he must help slay the devil. Balancing teenage crushes, battles with the devil, and encounters with immortal Fear Renders who have been spoken into existence, Castiel must navigate a perilous path to save himself, his friends, and the world.The incredibly popular Webtoon series by dd markk in print for the first time! Explore a tale of language's might, self-discovery, and the chaos of teenage romance in this gripping narrative.

Ruthless Render Volume 1

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