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Step into the arena as Godzilla’s most dangerous allies and scariest nemeses square off in a series of sense-shattering showdowns!The world is pretty big. You’d think there’d be enough room for all the kaiju to claim their stomping grounds, but even giant monsters aren’t above needing to protect their territory. Godzilla has friends and foes, and in turn, they vie against one another for dominance. In this quartet of standalone stories, different denizens of Monster Island go claw-to-claw for exciting, earth-shaking matchups. Marvel as the King of the Monsters throws down with Mechagodzilla! Cheer on Jet Jaguar tussling with Megalon! Godzilla battling SpaceGodzilla! And, flight meets might as Mothra clashes with M.O.G.U.E.R.A!The third volume of Godzilla: Rivals continues the kaiju brawl by creators Mark Martinez, Kara Huset, Alex Sanchez, Nola Pfau, Megan Huang, Matt Frank, Johnny Parker II, and Winston Chan.

Godzilla Rivals: Round Three

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