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Free Comic Book Day 2023 at Brandon's Comics


Do you want every single Free Comic Book Day Comic and 32 coupons to 32 different businesses for free?  


Here’s how we are doing free comic book day at Brandon’s Comics:


         Start out at Brandon's Comics for our insane sale at 9am. Pick up your first 13 free comics from us. Then go on a treasure hunt for the rest and a chance at prizes! We will open up at 9am with the maps. At 11 am I will have Georges Jeanty out for a CGC signing where he can sign your Mandalorian comics. Don’t have any? I have 80 sets left! 

Treasure Hunt Details:

We will have a total of 175 numbered treasure maps available, showing the locations of the comics around town.  You can pre-order/reserve your map by becoming a site member and "ordering" the map on our website.  These are completely free.  You will not be charged for this item at checkout or ever.  You will receive an automated email notification of your order when it's placed.


Pick up your numbered map at Brandon's Comics as early as 9am on Saturday May 6, explore our sales, pick up your first 13 free comics, and go on your Treasure Hunt!  By showing your map at each listed business location on the map, you are eligible to pick up a comic from them.  (Each business only has 1 title).  These businesses are including a special or deal for their store with your comic too!  It's 1 comic per map, 1 map per household. If you're a family of 10 you still just get 1 map because your'e getting 43 comics and 28 coupons with this. I included 2 other comic stores in the Map in case you want to get additional copies of comics from them for others in your family. 


Collecting a comic from each of the locations on the map fastest will earn you additional prizes from Brandon! Come back to Brandon's with your stack of collected comics and coupons when you're finished!  1st to complete the map gets a $100 gift certificate to my store. 2nd gets a $75 certificate 3rd gets a $50 certificate. 1 winner per household.  Awards will be given only on Saturday May 6th.

CGC Signing Details:

Georges Jeanty of the Mandalorian will be here. I have over 80 sets left of 1-8! Did you know that the Mandalorian is almost identical to the T.V. show? Meaning that issue #....

#1 1st appearance of Din Djarin (the Mandalorian)

#2 1st full Grogu (Get this Graded and Remarked)

#3 1st Paz Vizsla 

#4 1st Cara Dune

#5 1st Fennec Shand

#6 1st Burg, Jib Dodger, Migs Mayfeld (Bill Burr), Xi'an, Carson Teva, and Trapper Wolf. (Get remarked and graded)

#7 1st Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito - Get remarked and graded)

If you have your own CGC account you can put it on yours if you don't you can put it on mine. Our facilitating fee is $20 an autograph or remark+ shipping on the books. If you have any questions feel free to come down to the store or call us (480)838-0467.

THE NEXT DAY, Sunday May 7th, we are doing a CGC signing with Darick Robertson from my favorite THE BOYS from 1pm-3pm. I have a ton of Dynamite reprints of The Boys #1 (Hughie, Billy Butcher, and A-Train) and #3 (1st appearance of the Seven) and almost full runs of the original comic series The Boys as well. Stop in and drop off your books for these signings.

We are also going to be having an insane sale on bags and boards and toploaders that is gong on now through May 7th. Stop in and see us!

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